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Site changelog

On this page, I describe and archive the changes made to the site over time. Sometimes I may even elaborate on why things changed!

v4.3: The 'Verify Ontario' update

February 11th 2022
After months of deliberation, resource gathering, and thinking about how to best communicate how Verify came together, the case study is finally ready! The project is password protected for now, but just DM me if you'd like to see it.

I'm really proud of the work we did on the app, but I think I can do a better job of making the case study engaging. I'll continue to tweak it over time, and add in some more visual interest. Thanks for caring though. Crazy to see just how many people have used the app in their daily lives since it launched.
Added the project page for Verify Ontario, which you can view at joelschellenberger.com/verify-ontario.

v4.2: The 'Proper Dark Mode' update

November 9th 2021
Well the good news is, I already did all the heavy lifting with the previous updates! Because of that, I can rest on the fruits of my labour and update the site with less frequency.

I'm super swamped trying to keep up with everything going on in my life, but I am happiest when I'm busy making things. I'm excited to share more about how my life and work have changed lately coming up soon: for now, there's a groundwork update to go out before the big one can come through. Thanks for caring.
New font, again! This one is called "real" which is funny to me, but it's a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes than the previous one.
Went to a proper dark mode: the site now uses #000000 for backgrounds instead of #222222. This helps keep things clean, and helps users with OLED screens. Plus, I like how spooky and mysterious it is now... ooOOoooOOOoooo
Laying the groundwork for a very large update featuring my work on Verify Ontario. That update should come in December, once I have the case study written and I have time for the proper visuals, but I'm really excited to share my work on this one!

v4.1: The 'New job, who dis?' update

August 11th 2021
New job, new blog post, new font. A short, sweet, simple update. You'll find the highlights on this page. Thanks for caring.
Uploaded a blog post with an update on my career and re-location. You can read that on /blog if you're interested.
New font! This font is called "Habanera" and I'm using the rounded version. The old one was beautiful, in a very sterile and utilitarian way. This one has a bit more character and feels a bit more like home.

v4.0: The 'Hello, world!' update

June 1st 2021
Well, this update is huge. Frankly, I haven't switched backend architectures since I first built my portfolio in 2015, so this is the largest update I've ever done.

I did a larger write-up on why I switched, which you can check out here on the blog.

Here's a quick summary of what's changed, if you're looking for the SparkNotes:
Transitioned the whole site from Github Pages to Webflow, with much less manual coding and much more time considering the small details.
Transitioning to Webflow enabled me to use a CMS, something that was sorely missing from the previous version of the site. Now there are two distinct content types managed by CMS: portfolio projects, and blog posts.
You may notice much faster load times, and much better optimization. Images are now properly sized, and there is much less unused CSS to load in. For the most part, I actually understand the components that hold the site together, which is a first since launching in 2015.
All of the images on the site should now be properly alt-tagged, and heading structure should be much easier to scan for screen-readers. I'm always looking to improve the accessibility of the site, so if you notice any issues please let me know!
Thanks for caring enough to read this. I put a ton of effort into making this change, and hopefully my passion for delivering high quality stories about my work comes through in the content.

If you have thoughts or feedback on the site, please let me know! Especially if you notice any errors in formatting, spelling, etc.